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  • pix brazil


    Online banking

    PIX is a revolutionary instant payment method developed and supported by Brazil's Central Bank.

  • Visa


    Credit/Debit card

    Visa is a multinational financial services corporation founded in the United States.

  • mastercard


    Credit/Debit card

    Mastercard is a global leader in payment and technology services.

  • Diners Club

    Diners Club

    Credit/Debit card

    Diners Club International, often simply known as Diners Club, is a charge card company.

  • Paysera


    Online banking

    Paysera is an innovative fintech company that provides an array of online payment solutions.

  • Fortumo


    Mobile money

    Fortumo is a leading provider of carrier billing and mobile payment solutions.

  • Interac


    Online banking

    Interac Online is one of Canada's leading electronic payment services.

  • UnionPay


    Credit/Debit card

    UnionPay is a bank card association based in Shanghai, China.

  • PSE


    Online banking

    PSE is Colombia's primary online payment gateway, designed to facilitate electronic fund transfers.

  • Paytm


    Digital wallet

    Paytm (short for "Pay Through Mobile") began as a prepaid mobile and DTH recharge platform.

  • UPI India


    Online banking

    UPI is a real-time payment system that facilitates inter-bank transactions.

  • Alipay


    Digital wallet

    Alipay is a digital payment platform that evolved into one of the world’s largest.

  • Pago Efectivo

    Pago Efectivo

    Online banking

    Pago Efectivo is a cash payment method tailored to the Latin American market.

  • Blik


    Digital wallet

    Blik is a mobile payment solution that originated in Poland.

  • Przelewy24


    Online banking

    P24 is a leading online payment method and payment gateway in Poland.

  • WeChat Pay China

    WeChat Pay

    Digital wallet

    WeChat Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service integrated into WeChat.

  • KaKaoPay


    Digital wallet

    KakaoPay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service hailing from South Korea.

  • MTN Money

    MTN Money

    Mobile money

    MTN Money is a pioneering mobile payment and financial service.

  • RuPay


    Digital wallet

    RuPay is a domestic card payment by the National Payments Corporation of India.

  • Troy


    Credit/Debit card

    Troy is a national card payment scheme introduced by the Interbank Card Center.

  • Rapipago


    Online banking

    Rapipago is a leading cash payment network in Argentina.

  • Airtel Money

    Airtel Money

    Mobile money

    Airtel Money is an innovative mobile financial services platform.

  • Tigo Pesa

    Tigo Pesa

    Mobile money

    Tigo Pesa is a prominent mobile money service in Tanzania.

  • M Pesa


    Mobile money

    M-Pesa is a groundbreaking mobile money service introduced by Safaricom.

  • SPEI


    Online banking

    SPEI is a Mexico's premier electronic funds transfer system.

  • Boleto


    Online banking

    Boleto iis a popular payment method in Brazil, especially for e-commerce transactions.

  • Jeton


    Digital wallet

    Jeton is a digital payment platform that offers users a secure and way to make online payments.

  • SEPA


    Online banking

    SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a pan-European instant payment scheme.

  • Papara


    Digital wallet

    Papara is a digital payment platform and financial management solution in Turkiye.

  • QR Payment

    QR Payment

    QR Payment

    QR Payment is a modern payment method that utilises codes.

  • IMPS


    Online banking

    IMPS enables users to make real-time interbank transfers.

  • MoMo Pay

    MoMo Pay

    Digital wallet

    MoMoPay is a leading mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • ZaloPay


    Online banking

    ZaloPay is a comprehensive mobile payment in Vietnam.

  • Virtual Accounts

    Virtual Accounts

    Online banking

    Virtual accounts are digital bank accounts that are created for specific purposes.

  • Quick Transfer Asia

    Quick Transfer

    Online banking

    Quick Transfer is a providing a convenient way to move money quickly.

  • ViettelPay


    Digital wallet

    ViettelPay is a prominent mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • Vinaphone


    Digital wallet

    Vinaphone is a prominent mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • MobiFone


    Online banking

    MobiFone is a prominent mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • Vietnammobile


    Online banking

    Vietnamobile is a enabling seamless Mobile Payments and financial services.

  • Qris


    Online banking

    ORIS is an innovative payment platform that simplifies financial transactions.

  • OVO


    Online banking

    OVO is a versatile digital payment platform originating from Indonesia.

  • GoPay


    Digital wallet

    GoPay is a leading mobile payment platform hailing from Indonesia.

  • DANA


    Digital wallet

    DANA is a prominent mobile payment platform originating from Indonesia.

  • TrueMoney


    Digital wallet

    TrueMoney stands as a versatile digital payment platform.

  • Thai QR

    Thai QR

    Online banking

    Thai QR Code Payments is an innovative digital payment method.

  • DuitNow


    Online banking

    DuitNow, also known as Bank QR, is an innovative digital payment method.

  • FPX


    Online banking

    FPX, also known as Financial Process Exchange, is a digital payment method.

  • Eazy


    Digital wallet

    Eazy is a user-friendly mobile payment solution designed to streamline financial transactions.

  • Halo Pesa

    Halo Pesa

    Digital wallet

    Halo Pesa is a pioneering mobile financial services platform.

  • Equitel


    Online banking

    Equitel is a transformative mobile banking platform that has reshaped financial transactions.

  • AirtelTigo


    Mobile money

    AirtelTigo Money is an innovative mobile money platform.

  • EcoCash


    Mobile money

    EcoCash is a transformative mobile money platform.

  • Vodafone Cash

    Vodafone Cash

    Mobile money

    Vodafone Cash is an innovative mobile money platform.

  • Orange Money

    Orange Money

    Mobile money

    Vodafone Cash is an innovative mobile money platform.

  • Zamtel


    Mobile money

    Zamtel Kwacha is a revolutionary mobile money platform.

  • TED


    Online banking

    TED is an electronic payment method used in Brazil.

  • DOC


    Online banking

    DOC is a payment method for batched electronic fund transfers between bank accounts.

  • PicPay


    Digital wallet

    PicPay is an innovative mobile payment and digital wallet platform.

  • Verve


    Online banking

    Verve is a prominent payment solution in Nigeria.

  • NIP (Nigeria Interbank Payment)


    Online banking

    NIP is an electronic payment solution that enables seamless and secure fund transfers.

  • GCash


    Digital wallet

    GCash is a leading mobile wallet platform in the Philippines.

  • PayMaya logo png


    Digital wallet

    PayMaya is a cutting-edge digital payment platform.

  • PromtPay QR

    PromptPay QR

    QR Payment

    PromptPay QR is an innovative digital payment solution.

  • Touch n Go logo png

    Touch ’n Go

    Online banking

    Touch 'n Go (TNG) is a groundbreaking contactless payment.

  • UZCARD logo png


    Credit/Debit card

    UZCARD is a pioneering payment system in Uzbekistan.

  • HUMO logo png


    Credit/Debit card

    HUMO is a prominent digital payment platform in Uzbekistan.

  • apple pay png
  • bank transfer png
  • cryptogo png
  • Ecocash png
  • Elcard png
  • eManat png
  • GO PAY png
  • google pay png
  • m10 png


  • P2P


  • MBWay png
  • Mobile Money Malaysia
  • Mobiphone Money
  • MoMoPay vietnam
  • Offline payment
  • PayBol
  • Payfix
  • PayID
  • Pep


  • Zing money
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