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Asia's Dominant Card Network with Global Reach

Founded in 2002, UnionPay is a bank card association based in Shanghai, China. It operates under the approval of the People’s Bank of China and is central to the bank card industry in China. Offering both credit and debit card services, UnionPay has rapidly expanded its footprint beyond Asia, making it one of the world’s largest card payment organizations in terms of card issuance.

% of coverage
  • Country


  • Population

    Approximately 1.4 billion (as of 2021)

  • Number of Internet users

    Over 900 million

  • Popular payment methods in China

    WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay, Credit/Debit Cards, QR Payments

% of coverage
  • China UnionPay


  • WeChat Pay


  • Alipay 25%


  • Other


Payment Method Overview
  • Type:Credit/Debit card
  • Currency:Primarily Chinese Yuan (CNY), but supports multiple currencies globally
  • % of coverage:Covers nearly 100% of the banked population in China
  • Transactions to date:>80 trillion CNY (estimated)
  • Total customers:>7 billion globally
  • Refunds:Yes
  • Chargebacks:Yes, though it can vary based on specific circumstances

About payment system

UnionPay holds a pivotal role in China’s banking ecosystem. With an extensive network linking all of China’s ATMs and a vast majority of the nation’s merchants, UnionPay ensures seamless and secure transactions for billions of cardholders.

For consumers, UnionPay offers a range of options, from standard credit and debit cards to premium products catering to high-net-worth individuals. Its foray into digital payments, with the UnionPay Mobile QuickPass and the UnionPay app, emphasizes the company’s commitment to evolving with the global digital transition.

Merchants, both in China and internationally, recognize the value of accepting UnionPay. As Chinese tourism and business activities expand globally, more merchants are integrating UnionPay into their payment methods to cater to this growing customer segment.

A highlight of UnionPay’s offerings is its security. Utilizing advanced encryption techniques and anti-fraud measures, UnionPay endeavors to safeguard user transactions, earning trust and confidence from both consumers and merchants alike.

With strategic collaborations and partnerships across the globe, UnionPay’s vision extends beyond being Asia’s premier card network. Its consistent growth, technological innovations, and global ambitions position UnionPay as a significant player in the international payments arena.

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Payment flow

The customer selects Visa as their payment option and enters their credit card details to complete the payment.

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