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  • Redirect integration

    A redirect integration in e-commerce refers to the process where customers are temporarily redirected from the merchant’s website to a payment platform, before being returned to the merchant’s site upon completion. In such cases merchant doesn’t need PCI DSS certification and do not need to process and store card data. Everything is being processed on a payment platform side.

    This type of integration is best for those who wants go live fast. Also in this case we provide a light and full hosted payment page customization as a service.

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  • Server-to-Server integration

    Server-to-server integration in e-commerce involves direct communication between servers, allowing for real-time data exchange and transaction processing without requiring customer redirection. The merchant process the card details on it’s own hosted payment page and sends card data to us directly via the API.

    This type of integration suits for those who requires a maximum customization and control of the process on their end.

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  • Make payouts

    Mass payouts in e-commerce refer to the automated distribution of funds to multiple recipients or vendors simultaneously, streamlining the payment process for businesses.

    This system not only ensures timely compensation but also reduces administrative overhead and potential errors. Having an option to do it via the API creates a great opportunity to automate payouts increasing the speed.

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