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Simplifying Cash Payments for E-commerce in Brazil

Boleto Bancário, commonly referred to as Boleto, is a popular payment method in Brazil, especially for e-commerce transactions. It is a payment slip generated by businesses that allows customers to make payments using various channels, including bank branches, ATMs, and online banking platforms. Boleto offers a secure and convenient way for Brazilian consumers to complete purchases without the need for a credit card.

% of coverage
  • Country


  • Population

    213 million (as of 2023)

  • E-commerce Adoption

    Growing, driven by increased online shopping

% of coverage
  • Boleto


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Payment Method Overview
  • Type:Payment Slip System
  • Currency:Brazilian Real (BRL)
  • % of coverage:Significant due to its widespread usage in online transactions
  • Refunds:Subject to the policies of partnering merchants and financial institutions
  • Chargebacks:Limited due to the nature of payment slips, assessed on a case-by-case basis

About payment system

Boleto plays a crucial role in Brazil’s e-commerce ecosystem by providing consumers with an alternative payment method that doesn’t require credit card information. When making a purchase, customers can choose the Boleto option and receive a payment slip with a barcode. This payment slip can be printed or accessed electronically and used to complete the payment through various channels.

Customers have the flexibility to pay the Boleto at bank branches, ATMs, or online banking platforms before the due date specified on the slip. Once the payment is confirmed, the merchant receives notification and processes the order. Boleto is particularly useful for individuals who prefer or do not have access to credit cards, making it a preferred choice for a significant portion of the Brazilian population.

Boleto’s integration into Brazil’s payment landscape underscores the importance of offering diverse payment options that cater to the preferences and needs of consumers. By simplifying cash payments for online purchases, Boleto contributes to the growth of e-commerce in Brazil, facilitating a more inclusive and accessible digital economy.

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Payment flow

The customer selects Visa as their payment option and enters their credit card details to complete the payment.

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