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Powering Carrier Billing and Mobile Payment Solutions Globally

Founded in 2007 in Estonia, Fortumo is a leading provider of carrier billing and mobile payment solutions. It enables digital merchants, including app and game developers, to monetize their user base through seamless mobile payment integrations. With Fortumo, customers can make digital purchases by charging payments to their phone bill, eliminating the need for credit cards or bank accounts.

% of coverage
  • Country

    Founded in Estonia, used in globally

  • Population(Estonia)

    1.28 million (as of January 2023)

  • Number of Internet users

    1.22 million

  • Popular payment methods

    Credit/Debit Cards, E-Wallets, Bank Transfers, Carrier Billing (like Fortumo)

% of coverage
  • Fortumo (Carrier Billing)


  • Credit/Debit Cards


  • E-Wallets


  • Bank Transfers


  • Other


Payment Method Overview
  • Type:Carrier Billing
  • Currency:Multi-currency
  • % of coverage:Approx. 5% of the global online population (2022)
  • Transactions to date:1>5 billion USD (estimated)
  • Total merchants using Fortumo:>300,000
  • Refunds:Varies depending on the carrier and region
  • Chargebacks:Varies depending on the carrier and region

About payment system

Fortumo stands out as a frontrunner in the carrier billing world, enabling users without traditional banking methods to participate in the digital economy. With a simple integration, digital service providers can access Fortumo’s vast network of telecom partnerships, spanning across numerous countries and reaching billions of potential users.

One of the significant advantages of Fortumo’s carrier billing system is its user-friendliness. Customers can complete purchases with just a few clicks, and the charge appears on their monthly mobile bill or is deducted from their prepaid balance. This simplicity can significantly boost conversion rates, especially in regions with low credit card penetration.

For businesses, Fortumo offers comprehensive solutions tailored to different needs, from app stores and streaming services to in-game purchases and digital subscriptions. With detailed analytics, fraud management, and dynamic pricing capabilities, merchants can optimize their revenue while ensuring secure transactions.

Security remains a top priority for Fortumo. By working closely with telecom operators and employing advanced fraud prevention measures, the platform guarantees a safe and seamless payment experience for both merchants and end-users.

As the world leans further into mobile solutions, Fortumo’s emphasis on accessibility, security, and global rea

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Payment flow

The customer selects Visa as their payment option and enters their credit card details to complete the payment.

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