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MTN Money

Transforming Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

MTN Money is a pioneering mobile payment and financial service offered by MTN Group, a telecommunications giant operating across multiple countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Designed to cater to the region’s unique financial landscape, MTN Money empowers users to conduct a wide range of financial transactions using their mobile phones, bridging the gap between traditional banking services and digital innovation.

% of coverage
  • Region

    Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Countries Served

    Multiple countries across the region

  • Population

    1.15 billion (across served countries)

  • Mobile Penetration

    Rapidly increasing, driven by mobile-first access

  • Financial Inclusion Rate (percentage of adults with access to formal financial services)

    Sub-Saharan Africa: Varies by country, but often low due to limited banking infrastructure

% of coverage
Payment Method Overview
  • Type:Bank transfer
  • Currency:Brazilian Real
  • % of coverage:71% of the population (2022)
  • Money transfers to date:1.3 trillion
  • Total customers:119 million
  • Refunds:Yes
  • Chargebacks:No

About payment system

MTN Money emerges as a transformative force in Sub-Saharan Africa’s financial landscape, addressing challenges related to limited access to traditional banking services. Designed to cater to individuals who lack access to formal financial institutions, MTN Money enables users to create virtual wallets linked to their mobile phone numbers.

Users can load funds into their mobile wallets at authorized agents, often found in local communities, and then use those funds to make various transactions. These transactions include sending money to family and friends, paying bills, purchasing airtime, and even accessing more advanced financial services like savings and loans.

MTN Money’s focus on accessibility and simplicity has contributed to its widespread adoption. It empowers people who were previously excluded from formal financial systems, enabling them to participate in economic activities, manage their finances, and access services that were once out of reach.

As mobile penetration continues to rise across Sub-Saharan Africa, MTN Money remains at the forefront of driving financial inclusion. Its impact transcends mere transactions; it fosters economic empowerment, social development, and digital transformation, highlighting the potential of technology to drive positive change in underserved communities.

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Payment flow

The customer selects Visa as their payment option and enters their credit card details to complete the payment.

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