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Streamlining Interbank Electronic Payments in Mexico

SPEI, short for Sistema de Pagos Electrónicos Interbancarios (Interbank Electronic Payment System), is Mexico’s premier electronic funds transfer system. Developed and managed by Banco de México, the country’s central bank, SPEI facilitates secure and efficient interbank transactions, providing individuals and businesses with a reliable platform for electronic money transfers.

% of coverage
  • Country


  • Population

    Approximately 126 million (as of 2023)

  • Digital Payment Adoption

    Increasing, reflecting changing consumer behaviour

% of coverage
  • SPEI


  • Debit/Credit Cards


  • Cash Transactions


Payment Method Overview
  • Type:Interbank Electronic Payment System
  • Currency:Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • % of coverage:Extensive, encompassing a significant portion of electronic transactions
  • Refunds:Subject to the policies of partnering banks and financial institutions
  • Chargebacks:Limited due to the nature of interbank transactions, assessed on a case-by-case basis

About payment system

SPEI serves as a critical backbone of Mexico’s financial infrastructure, enabling seamless and secure electronic money transfers between financial institutions. The system operates in real-time, allowing individuals, businesses, and government entities to transfer funds between bank accounts across different institutions.

Users initiate SPEI transactions through their banking institutions’ digital platforms or branch offices. Funds are transferred from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account, with transaction details securely communicated through the SPEI system. The system operates 24/7, providing a reliable and convenient platform for both domestic and cross-border transfers.

SPEI’s significance lies in its ability to replace traditional paper-based methods and expedite the movement of funds. It enhances financial efficiency, reduces settlement risks, and contributes to a more transparent and accountable financial ecosystem.

The system’s emphasis on security and reliability is evident in its encryption protocols and stringent authentication mechanisms. By facilitating seamless interbank electronic transactions, SPEI plays a pivotal role in advancing Mexico’s digital transformation, enhancing the efficiency of financial operations, and supporting economic growth.

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Payment flow

The customer selects Visa as their payment option and enters their credit card details to complete the payment.

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