Local payment methods in Latin America

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Latin America

Learn about the payments landscape in the Latin America region

Unlock the world of seamless transactions with our payment platform! We proudly offer an extensive range of payment methods that reach to customers from various corners of the globe.

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  • pix brazil


    Online banking

    PIX is a revolutionary instant payment method developed and supported by Brazil's Central Bank.

  • Visa


    Credit/Debit card

    Visa is a multinational financial services corporation founded in the United States.

  • mastercard


    Credit/Debit card

    Mastercard is a global leader in payment and technology services.

  • Diners Club

    Diners Club

    Credit/Debit card

    Diners Club International, often simply known as Diners Club, is a charge card company.

  • Paysera


    Online banking

    Paysera is an innovative fintech company that provides an array of online payment solutions.

  • Fortumo


    Mobile money

    Fortumo is a leading provider of carrier billing and mobile payment solutions.

  • Interac


    Online banking

    Interac Online is one of Canada's leading electronic payment services.

  • UnionPay


    Credit/Debit card

    UnionPay is a bank card association based in Shanghai, China.

  • PSE


    Online banking

    PSE is Colombia's primary online payment gateway, designed to facilitate electronic fund transfers.

  • Paytm


    Digital wallet

    Paytm (short for "Pay Through Mobile") began as a prepaid mobile and DTH recharge platform.

  • UPI India


    Online banking

    UPI is a real-time payment system that facilitates inter-bank transactions.

  • Alipay


    Digital wallet

    Alipay is a digital payment platform that evolved into one of the world’s largest.

  • Pago Efectivo

    Pago Efectivo

    Online banking

    Pago Efectivo is a cash payment method tailored to the Latin American market.

  • Blik


    Digital wallet

    Blik is a mobile payment solution that originated in Poland.

  • Przelewy24


    Online banking

    P24 is a leading online payment method and payment gateway in Poland.

  • WeChat Pay China

    WeChat Pay

    Digital wallet

    WeChat Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service integrated into WeChat.

  • KaKaoPay


    Digital wallet

    KakaoPay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service hailing from South Korea.

  • MTN Money

    MTN Money

    Mobile money

    MTN Money is a pioneering mobile payment and financial service.

  • RuPay


    Digital wallet

    RuPay is a domestic card payment by the National Payments Corporation of India.

  • Troy


    Credit/Debit card

    Troy is a national card payment scheme introduced by the Interbank Card Center.

  • Rapipago


    Online banking

    Rapipago is a leading cash payment network in Argentina.

  • Airtel Money

    Airtel Money

    Mobile money

    Airtel Money is an innovative mobile financial services platform.

  • Tigo Pesa

    Tigo Pesa

    Mobile money

    Tigo Pesa is a prominent mobile money service in Tanzania.

  • M Pesa


    Mobile money

    M-Pesa is a groundbreaking mobile money service introduced by Safaricom.

  • SPEI


    Online banking

    SPEI is a Mexico's premier electronic funds transfer system.

  • Boleto


    Online banking

    Boleto iis a popular payment method in Brazil, especially for e-commerce transactions.

  • Jeton


    Digital wallet

    Jeton is a digital payment platform that offers users a secure and way to make online payments.

  • SEPA


    Online banking

    SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a pan-European instant payment scheme.

  • Papara


    Digital wallet

    Papara is a digital payment platform and financial management solution in Turkiye.

  • QR Payment

    QR Payment

    QR Payment

    QR Payment is a modern payment method that utilises codes.

  • IMPS


    Online banking

    IMPS enables users to make real-time interbank transfers.

  • MoMo Pay

    MoMo Pay

    Digital wallet

    MoMoPay is a leading mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • ZaloPay


    Online banking

    ZaloPay is a comprehensive mobile payment in Vietnam.

  • Virtual Accounts

    Virtual Accounts

    Online banking

    Virtual accounts are digital bank accounts that are created for specific purposes.

  • Quick Transfer Asia

    Quick Transfer

    Online banking

    Quick Transfer is a providing a convenient way to move money quickly.

  • ViettelPay


    Digital wallet

    ViettelPay is a prominent mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • Vinaphone


    Digital wallet

    Vinaphone is a prominent mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • MobiFone


    Online banking

    MobiFone is a prominent mobile payment platform in Vietnam.

  • Vietnammobile


    Online banking

    Vietnamobile is a enabling seamless Mobile Payments and financial services.

  • Qris


    Online banking

    ORIS is an innovative payment platform that simplifies financial transactions.

  • OVO


    Online banking

    OVO is a versatile digital payment platform originating from Indonesia.

  • GoPay


    Digital wallet

    GoPay is a leading mobile payment platform hailing from Indonesia.

  • DANA


    Digital wallet

    DANA is a prominent mobile payment platform originating from Indonesia.

  • TrueMoney


    Digital wallet

    TrueMoney stands as a versatile digital payment platform.

  • Thai QR

    Thai QR

    Online banking

    Thai QR Code Payments is an innovative digital payment method.

  • DuitNow


    Online banking

    DuitNow, also known as Bank QR, is an innovative digital payment method.

  • FPX


    Online banking

    FPX, also known as Financial Process Exchange, is a digital payment method.

  • Eazy


    Digital wallet

    Eazy is a user-friendly mobile payment solution designed to streamline financial transactions.

  • Halo Pesa

    Halo Pesa

    Digital wallet

    Halo Pesa is a pioneering mobile financial services platform.

  • Equitel


    Online banking

    Equitel is a transformative mobile banking platform that has reshaped financial transactions.

  • AirtelTigo


    Mobile money

    AirtelTigo Money is an innovative mobile money platform.

  • EcoCash


    Mobile money

    EcoCash is a transformative mobile money platform.

  • Vodafone Cash

    Vodafone Cash

    Mobile money

    Vodafone Cash is an innovative mobile money platform.

  • Orange Money

    Orange Money

    Mobile money

    Vodafone Cash is an innovative mobile money platform.

  • Zamtel


    Mobile money

    Zamtel Kwacha is a revolutionary mobile money platform.

  • TED


    Online banking

    TED is an electronic payment method used in Brazil.

  • DOC


    Online banking

    DOC is a payment method for batched electronic fund transfers between bank accounts.

  • PicPay


    Digital wallet

    PicPay is an innovative mobile payment and digital wallet platform.

  • Verve


    Online banking

    Verve is a prominent payment solution in Nigeria.

  • NIP (Nigeria Interbank Payment)


    Online banking

    NIP is an electronic payment solution that enables seamless and secure fund transfers.

  • GCash


    Digital wallet

    GCash is a leading mobile wallet platform in the Philippines.

  • PayMaya logo png


    Digital wallet

    PayMaya is a cutting-edge digital payment platform.

  • PromtPay QR

    PromptPay QR

    QR Payment

    PromptPay QR is an innovative digital payment solution.

  • Touch n Go logo png

    Touch ’n Go

    Online banking

    Touch 'n Go (TNG) is a groundbreaking contactless payment.

  • UZCARD logo png


    Credit/Debit card

    UZCARD is a pioneering payment system in Uzbekistan.

  • HUMO logo png


    Credit/Debit card

    HUMO is a prominent digital payment platform in Uzbekistan.

  • apple pay png
  • bank transfer png
  • cryptogo png
  • Ecocash png
  • Elcard png
  • eManat png
  • GO PAY png
  • google pay png
  • m10 png


  • P2P


  • MBWay png
  • Mobile Money Malaysia
  • Mobiphone Money
  • MoMoPay vietnam
  • Offline payment
  • PayBol
  • Payfix
  • PayID
  • Pep


  • Zing money
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